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Lorraine:  This summer was really fun with the beach, seeing movies in the theaters and staying home to watch movies, and sharing stories.  I'll never forget "Candycane, Candycane!"  Ahh!  I am having a lot of fun at Wesley during those 2 hour breaks thanks to you...It is so much fun just hanging around campus together!  Thanks also for coming to visit me at work, I really enjoy those trips to TCBY!
Dave:  We have known each other for a long time now, and even through many situations and chapters of our lives we continue to be good friends.  I feel like I can tell you anything, which is a rare find in know.  The nights of seemingly endless convos on aim mean a lot to me.  You helped me with problems and gave me the best advice.  School papers, damn boys, and parents.  I prefer the term "happiness seeker" rather than stalker, lol.  Thanks again for everything, and I'll probably see you online soon.  :)
Sabrina:  Friday nights at Giacomo's were so much fun.  I knew if i had a problem--when i had a problem--i was sure to get good advice from you.  Although, you might have had a small hand in turning me evil (lol) it wasn't all you.  Although sometimes i didn't want to listen, you were so right.  I appreciate all our chats!  See you in Wawa!
Ian: We had a good time, and us still being friends is good.  Thanks for listening to me and being there, you know I will always do the same for you.  Our memories together won't be forgotten...
Jeanette:  This summer was lots of fun, and thanks for visiting me at work, its gets really boring there.  It was fun watching those movies at your house after work and before work too, lol, I need a better schedule.
Julie:  I know you were really busy this summer cuz you were workin so much, but hopefully, even though we are starting college, our schedules won't be too bad.  We gotta go out partyin' sometime soon!  Lol, well, maybe just the movies, but anyways, I hope to talk to you soon!  Oh yeah, and next time you can skip bio and i'll skip history and we'll go to that movie!  It was cool to meet up with you in the mall that day!  Also, thanks again for the tip in Aero for the xmas gift, that shirt was a good choice.
D.J.:  We've had fun times together.  I know you can always hook me up with the parties, and thanks for caring last time.  Mission Impossible 2, American Pie 2, Gothika, good times.  You inspire me not to plan so much and to just live in the moment, which I never did before, but is so important.  I'll see you online.
Stefun: The same goes for you are havin' lots of fun at Cornell!  Don't have too much fun ofcourse, but that's what college is for, right?  Thanksgiving weekend was haven't changed a bit!  Thanks for keepin' in touch and I'll see you on winter break.
Kesha: I'm glad that we are still keeping in touch, and I love to hear about how everything is going back at the high school.  Enjoy high school, cuz college isn't much  Thanks for all your emails!
Tom: There's no law about not saying "hi"...hehe.  Have fun at 3 am at those darn toll booths, lol, but seriously, keep workin hard cuz you are ambitious like that and next time I see you in the hall, I'll be like "hey tom" *wink*  Oh yeah, you got any of those Bonini bumper stickers?  I'll take one.  (It's not a sign, but close).
Tony: I know you are having lots of fun a Virginia Tech and thanks for not forgeting about us still stuck in Delaware!  lol, homecoming was fun, just like ol' times, you gotta watch out for those hanging lamps...they just jump out at ya!  I had fun over Thanksgiving weekend too, I miss those get-togethers at Friday's.
Erienne:  You are a whole 45 minutes away now!  I had lots of fun at the TOB and I am glad to hear you are having lots of fun up at U of D.  Oh yeah, don't forget to call me the next time you go to that club again...what was it called again? lol, well, anyways don't hesitate to give me a ring, I wanna come see you in "Crazy for you" also...I love that one.  Keep on havin fun in Newark, but don't forget about the homework too, :)
Nick, Diane, Lenny, and Brock: Its been great getting to know you at Wesley and hanging 'round campus on those 3 days a week has been lots of fun.  No one can operate a TV like Brock and Nick, lol, "Does anybody have a pen?"
P.S. This page is still under construction, so if you're not on here, you may be added soon. :)