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Hi. This page is dedicated to me, Jessica!

Well, I'm nineteen, and I am a sophomore at Wesley College.  I am majoring in business, with a minor in Accounting.

I grew up on the east coast, in Delaware, and have never moved out-of-state yet.  Sure, its boring here, but you get used to it and I enjoy myself here in Dover.  Besides, with not much to do, a mind thinks more creatively.

I've never had any pets bigger than a hamster, but I am content with my fish for now!

Yeah, so Wesley is boring, but I guess I have to go looking for the fun spots, they won't find me.  I've just had no desire in looking, I suppose.  I am content with life and am happy.
Besides, I've always got Thursdays and Saturdays with the Giacomo gang.  Bowling and alcohol, what's more fun?

I also love to use aol instant messenger! *I'm not paid to say this...ha ha* If you want to download it, just click the link below. You don't need to have America Online as your internet service provider to get this either, its free!

Band trip to Disney World (2002)



Some of my favorite movies are:

Newsies, Pearl Harbor, The Truman Show, Runaway Bride, Adam Sandler movies, and all Tom Cruise movies!

Some of my favorite music is:
I love hiphop and always will, but my mind is becoming open to many rock groups and I'm starting to get into that a lot too.

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Senior Picnic during band camp

New Year's Eve : 2001-2002