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Stage 41


adventus I

Gaius Plinius Traiano Imperatori
My voyage, master, was comfortable as far as Ephesus; then, after I began to go in the carriage, the heat was very severe and I was hurt for I had a slight fever; therefore, in order to get better, I stopped at Pergamum. Then, when I embarked on the ship, it was held back by the wind in the opposite direction; and so I entered Bithynia somewhat later than I had hoped, on September seventeenth.
Now, the people of Prusa examine the accounts; because to me, more and more are seen necessary. For many various reasons, sums of money are kept by private citizens; besides, there is a certain, proper reason to spend a sum of money. Consider, master, surely you think it is necessary to send a surveyer, to inspect the public buildings; for back by the caretakers of the public works. In this letter to you, master, I write about my arrival.

adventus II

I found out in your letters, my dear Secundus, that you arrived in Bithynia a long time ago. For a short time, I believe, I was concerned with understanding the province of Bithynia: Surely you have chosen to send another in my place; surley my concern is that you see to it.
And first I want you to examine the public accounts; it is generally agreed that you are not confused.
I hardly have enough surveyers for the works which are being done in either Rome or nearby. But in every province you will be able to find a surveyer with whom we can trust; and I do not fear that you will be lacking one. If you investigate diligently, you will find one.

carcer I

Gaius Plinius Traiano Imperatori
I ask, master, so you can help me plan: I am uncertain whether the public slaves should guard the prison (because it has been done until now) or the military. For if the public slaves do it, I fear they are not reliable enough; If the military does it, I fear it will distract the soldiers from their large number of duties. Meanwhile the public slaves were added to the small amount of soldiers. I see, however, that carelessness will occur, in both groups, with this dangerous plan; for of anything unfortunate happened, the blame would be transferred from the soldiers to the slaves, and the slaves to the soldiers.

carcer II

Traianus Plinio
There is no need, my dear Secundus, to divert the military by guarding the prison. It would be better to continue customs in that province, and use the public slaves for keeping watch in the prison. For you, with your hard work and strictness, can see to it that the slaves do this faithfully. For, if the public slaves mix with the soldiers, you fear that carelessness will occur in both groups of people; but we must always remember this: the Roman soldiers were not put in the province to guard the prisons, but to fight.

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